Time management is crucial for anyone from a student to a CEO. All of us have the same 24-hour slot every day. The question is “How to make the best out of the time provided to you?” You need a course that is tailored specifically to your team and helps to handle both personal and professional work load with ease.

This Time Management Course will would help you to manage time effectively, even when more is demanded out of the same amount of time. Whether you are a working parent, in a couple, or you are a single person wanting to do more in the same amount of time (or perhaps getting home on time), this course will give you practical strategies to help you have better work-life balance. As your career grows and your requirements increase, only people with excellent time management will continue to have good name in your workplace, and therefore get the benefits of that.

At the end of the course you will:

  • Have a set of tools and systems which would help to manage time better
  • Skills of prioritisation
  • Ability to assertively deal with disturbances and interruption
  • Delegation skills
  • Effective electronics and paper management
  • Work-life balance

Benefits of the course

  • Ability to control workload with prioritizsation and other skills.
  • Skills to deal with additional workload, disturbances and other problems
  • Development of skills related to delegation like assigning resources, tracking work and handling subordinates.
  • The course provides different time management tools to choose the one which suits the situation and their personality.
  • With better work-life balance, employees will not feel exploited or exhausted. This increases workplace enthusiasm and it increases productivity.
  • With better time management, you can take up more work pressure without increasing stress.
  • All these benefits lead to satisfaction and motivates you to do more tasks within the given time
  • You will learn your capability and also learn to say ‘no’ with confidence in a professional manner.
  • With better management of time, you will find more time to try out new things which leads to self actualisation through self-learning and also indulge in other activities for the benefit of the organisation, family and self.
  • Backlogs and errors get reduced considerably with proper time management skills.

Who should attend this course?

Everyone starting from receptionist to CEO should know how to manage time. Thus, this course can be taken by anyone in an organisation. This course suits both experienced and newer team members too. Most importantly, candidates whose job profile focus on multitasking would greatly benefit from this course.

This course does not focus on teaching some basic concepts from internet. The course provides a toolbox filled with tested time management concepts through professional training. As everyone and every job is different, we don’t focus on bland, off the shelf training. This course focuses on training peoplein choosing a concept that will suit their job profile and other characteristics.

Time management skills can be trained only by expert professionals who have tried those concepts in real time. Our top class trainers can provide support in terms of potential problems and mistakes that occurs while taking up a system for time management.