We all speak to people over phone whether they are clients, vendors, partners, family members or anyone else. Thus, everyone should be a good telephone conversation handlers and also good listeners.

Yet, most of us learnt our telephone skills from our parents at home, not in a professional environment.

This course will train you to handle professional and personal telephone calls effectively and professionally. The second part of the course deals with handling emotions and training to control the conversation towards the focus point of their choice.

By the end of this course, you will:

  • Confident and professional manner of handling phone calls
  • Understand the best practices in the industry for handling calls
  • Perfecting employees’ telephone voice
  • Control and guide the conversation
  • What not to say during a telephonic conversation?
  • Handling difficult calls

Benefits of the course

In today’s electronic world, most of the conversation in the business and personal world happens through electronic devices and telephonic conversation is one among them. If you are able to excel in telephonic correspondence, it will help in better exchange of information which would lead to better and effective performance. Other benefits of Telephone Perfection Course are

  • Better sales closure in telesales
  • Handling rough and demanding customer queries over phone
  • Better customer service and handling which leads to good word of mouth
  • Professional telephone conversation with vendors and partners would increase the brand value of the company among stakeholders
  • With better listening skills, you can understand customer needs and problems. This will help you steer the conversation in required manner. This helps in easy and fast closure of telephone conversations with better results.
  • Reduces the percentage of bad phone call experience which increases your success rate in a large scale. This will lead to better career growth which would fetch you better perks and other advantages in a continuous manner

Who should attend this course?

The course suits anyone who deals with people on the phone. This includes:

  • Call centre representatives
  • Customer service department candidates
  • HR
  • Telesales and other sales candidates
  • Marketing professionals
  • Candidates who deal with vendors, suppliers, partners and others

In fact, anyone working in a corporate environment would be benefitted from this interesting course.

This course deals with practical training from experts, not someone who reads out of a book. The candidates will learn to deal with different phone calls in a practical real-life scenario. This practical training will help them implement the skills better in their workplace and personal life without any fear. This implementation will help them provide better phone calls and your organisation will benefit with better customer service. This course deals with tactics and strategies and only expert can train you in such a course.