Exceptional Customer Service is what makes a business successful in today’s world. With the level of competition in every industry, it is important to give the best consistent customer service experience, every single time. There is always someone wanting to replace you and thus, it is good to be the best in serving your customers. Without exceptional customer service, people tend to shift to other brands. Thus, as a part of an organisation and as an individual, you should know to provide exceptional customer service.

By the end of this course you will:

  • Introduction to exceptional customer service by providing benchmark industrial practices examples.
  • Understanding and realisation of the power in the hands of an employee, during customer interaction.
  • Measuring customer service through programs such as the Net Promoter Score
  • Developing skills required for quality customer service
  • Skills and tactics to leverage the current situation to increase customer loyalty.
  • Developing skills required for post-service
  • Tactics to handle different customer situations.

Benefits of the course

  • With experienced trainers, you can easily grasp the tactics to follow for each type of customer and each type of situation.
  • Development of interpersonal, communication and customer-interactive skills that will develop your personality in a better manner.
  • Developing positive attitude, which will increase self satisfaction, decrease stress and other related problems in the workplace, which reduces efficiency.
  • Ability to devise a strategy for a unique situation or a difficult customer.
  • You will be imparted with the ability to mimic the best industry practices in customer service front.
  • With better results, your career growth becomes inevitable. This will increase awards, perks and other benefits. You will be already familiar with the advantages of giving better results to your company.

Who should attend this course?

Anyone who has a direct contact with the customers can take up the course. This course would also be helpful for candidates handling employees who have direct contact with customers, as well as people in your marketing and sales departments. This course can be taken by both experienced and newer employees in your organisation.

Beyond the agenda, the course also helps to understand the importance of customer service, provide crucial tips and develop skills that are essential for success in the field. The course is handled by trainer who has years of industrial experience in customer services and training candidates. Thus, the candidates will be trained by someone who has a lot of real life experience to share with along with unique skills that cannot be gained just by reading a bunch of books. Customer service is best developed through understanding experiences and we are here to provide that experience with the help of world class training to you with regards to your job profile, type of customers you handle and other issues.