For a business to be successful, exceptional selling is essential. Put simply, this is the ability to convert potential buyers into loyal customers and then maximising the relationship to build profitability.

With the level of competition in the market, both online and “bricks and mortar”,  there is always a competitor who is ready to replace you and pull your customers towards them.

This course is for candidates who are ready to increase their closing rates and take their sales to the next level. It focuses on training through tools and concepts which will influence the buying behavior and decision of the customers in a professional manner.  Starting from creating a lead to closing the sale, this course will train the candidates in each and every phase of the sale.

Can selling skills really be taught? Most definitely! This course will focus on techniques and tactics which will help your employees to devise a better selling strategy for each type of customer. Some of these sales techniques are perfecting the perfect questions to find out exactly why the customer wants to buy, then using those answers to convince them to purchase now.

With a competitive market place also comes the fact that your customers often will be chasing the very best price. This course will also teach your team members to negotiate effectively, ensuring that the customer leaves happy and we also increase our profitability.

The course is trained by a top tier sales person who will impart those easily implementable skills to your team.

By the end of the course you will

  1. Have techniques, tactics and tips for increasing your sales.
  2. Be able to understand the whole sales process and know what to say during each phase.
  3. Create a list of the best questions to know how to sell to each type of customer.
  4. Be able to handle even the toughest objection that your customer throws at you.
  5. Have a perfectly tested series of closing techniques to ensure your customer is buying from you, now.
  6. Create a strategy to increase your profitability through maximising every customer interaction.

Benefits of the course

  1. Tactics to manage and satisfy any type of customer and any type of situation.
  2. Increased customer interactivity to serve them in a better manner.
  3. Positive approach and resilience to reduce stress and create a positive vibe with the customers and within the department.
  4. Ability to devise a plan and a strategy to convince and satisfy all kinds of customers.
  5. With better selling skills, your career growth is inevitable. This increases commission, perks and appreciation.
  6. An increase in your closing rate will also bring about an increase to profitability in the business.

Who should attend this course?

This course is directed towards people currently working in any sales department or someone who wants to break into the sales world. Anyone whose job responsibility includes lead generation, sales closure or any other part of sales cycle will benefit from this course.

The trainers for this course are top tier sales people who have years of experience in their field. The trainers are experienced in selling both tangible and intangible products to various types of customers. By developing selling skills and related skills you are improving the quality of your employee base.