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Is customer service dying?

As a person who trains customer service I am always aware of the level of service I receive everywhere I go. I always believed it was mainly because of my occupation that I had noticed a continual downturn in this area but earlier in the week a friend of mine was telling me a recent [...]

The online vs bricks and mortar debate

The use of overseas websites to purchase goods has been a contentious issue for the last few years. Many local retailers see this as the “theft” of their income by greedy overseas companies who aren’t supporting our government with taxes. We have to ask ourselves, why are people choosing not to take immediate delivery of [...]

10 Steps to Empowerment

I have spoken to a number of business leaders over the past year or so who have told me that they needed help with staff who wouldn’t take initiative. People not taking initiative means that leaders are left trying to sort out the day to day things and not focusing on the “big picture” part [...]

How Excellent Customer Service can beat the Internet

I regularly hear from sales people that they don’t know why they bother with helping people because they go off and buy from the internet. I have regularly rebutted the comments and gone forward in recommending to all that they should offer awesome service so that in turn their customers will buy from them instead [...]