Not all customers are a walk in the park. You might come across very demanding and difficult customers who are hard to satisfy. This does not mean that you have to fear those customers.

With better skills and training, no customer will be difficult for you. Think of a similar situation at home. If you have an adamant child or a partner who is not ready to listen to reasons, you need to know how to handle them. Getting into fights and arguing will not do the magic. The same goes for customers who are very angry or demanding.

If you are worried about your over-all performance because of a few demanding customers, we are here to help you with our Course for Dealing with Difficult and Demanding Customers.

By the end of this course you will:

  • Understand why a customer is really demanding and difficult.
  • Benefits of having demanding customers and how they can benefit your company.
  • Principles, tactics, abilities, skills and behaviours required for dealing with difficult, demanding or hard to satisfy customers.
  • Engaging professional brain during such communication
  • Tactics to answer difficult questions posed by customers. Managing responses in difficult situation. Training related to advanced communication skills
  • Dealing with unacceptable behaviours from customers.

Benefits of the course

  • Ability to satisfy all kinds of customers; even the demanding ones
  • Ability to keep ethical standards and good practices even when the customers exhibit unprofessional behaviours.
  • Dealing with rhetorical questions and unfavourable situations
  • Better customer handling ability
  • Increasing professionalism, negotiation skills and empathy skills.
  • Improving employees’ personality, ability and skills which would in turn increase employee retention, satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Reduces incidences of argument and also reduces the percentage of bad customer service incidences which reduces black marks in appraisals.
  • Better dealing with difficult customer will increase your success rate

Who should attend this course?

Anyone who comes in contact with a customer should be given training in this field. A demanding or difficult customer does not always talk with a customer representative alone. Anyone who acts as a representative of the company like front desk executive, managers and others should be given this training. This training will suit both new and experienced team members.

HR, finance and other non-customer contact employees can also benefit from this course as they may have to deal with difficult and demanding employees inside your organisation and in personal life. Employees are internal customers and their satisfaction is as important as customer satisfaction. It is very obvious that you need a trainer who has practical experience in the subject. Thus, we provide a trainer who has on the job experience as well as extensive training experience in various related skills. Our course is completely practical oriented training, which will help you implement the skills effectively in both professional and personal circle.