Assertiveness is nota fight-flight mode. It helps in developing a positive and healthy environment in the workplace and family. Ideally where we have a win-win solution. You should first learn about the types of assertiveness and the types of behaviours in each method for effective use of assertiveness. These skills are learnt through personal experiences.

Standing up to what is right in your point of view is a very individualistic character in both personal life and career. You need to be help people in every situation. By being assertive, you should not end up hurting people close to you or begetting workplace rivals.

This practical course on Assertiveness, is a holistic training on being assertive and other related training within the shortest time possible.

At the end of the course you will know

  • What is assertive behaviour and what is a rude behaviour?
  • Six types of assertiveness and places to use each one of them.
  • How to speak assertively in different situation and how to act as an assertive person?
  • Being assertive even in fearful situation
  • Exhibiting confidence while being assertive.
  • Staying calm and tactful while being assertive
  • The skills to say ‘no’, professionally.

Benefits of the course

  • Increase in employee satisfaction, ethics, loyalty, retention and reduction in employee stress.
  • Politics inside workplace would be reduced
  • Dealing with difficult scenario with difficult customers, employees, vendors and even over-demanding superiors.
  • Improving better employee communication skills
  • Reduces incidences of emotional breakdown inside workplace.

Who should attend this course?

Everyone,should take up this course. Manager, CEO, team leader, assistants and entry level employees can benefit from this course. Anyone who has a line of communication with people of different insight would require this training. Fearful situations can occur to people with no regards to their experience, expertise and job title. Thus, every social person would require this skill.

The ability to say ‘no’ has a lot of benefits starting from reduction of employee exploitation to better work-life balance. Assertiveness, aggressiveness and submission are not the same and your employees should be taught that first. For instance, telling your child that something has to be done in the way you like would need a lot of explanation, basic clarifications from kid’s point of view and others. In case of work life, you need to show confidence in your idea and give valid proof to why your supervisor should approve your way with a bold and decisive manner. The method used for being assertive changes from place to place with regards to person you talk with, relationship between you and the other party and others.

These cannot simply be provided by a book on being assertive. This skill has to be explained and trained with practical training and role playing. Such practical training needs a good agenda, strong expertise of the trainer and years of experience. We are here to provide such a training experience to you.