This is a practical course teaching improved skills in supervision and leadership. For a healthy and growing organisation, you need effective leaders and supervisors who will lead your organisation towards success.

Leaders are not born. The traits and behaviors of a leader can be taught to any aspiring candidate. Being a good leader is not just a resume-quality, It is also essential for your personal life too.

This course will provide training to gain priceless knowledge and skills related to effectively leading and maintaining a team during perfect and difficult situations.

By the end of the course you will

  1. Understand the roles and responsibilities of a team leader
  2. Learn about yourself and why you like things the way you do
  3. Have techniques to get your team members to work in a more effective way
  4. Develop abilities and tactics to deal with difficult people and difficult situations
  5. Develop your personal and group time management skills
  6. Learn to delegate effectively
  7. Develop and exhibit confidence with your team and other stake holders

Benefits of the course

  1. Increase team efficiency, performance and return on investment.
  2. Reduce problems and hindrance in the workplace by minimising politics, conflicts and related problems.
  3. With effective time management and delegation, the team will increase productivity and work together more coherently.
  4. Motivating employees will become easier through better appraisal and feedback
  5. Learning to utilise the team dynamics to their advantage.
  6. Reduced incidences of unprofessional employee behavior in the workplace.

Who should attend this course?

Everyone in the organization either currently fulfilling a supervisory or leadership role, or those seeking to move into these roles.

This course focuses on personal development; training candidates to become a better team members. Thus, team members and fresh candidates will learn the skills to help them develop into future team leaders.

The course is presented by trainers who have years of experience in handling large and small teams with varying focusses. Thus, your candidates will learn to set goals and motivate team members to get their work done much more effectively. Difficult times and demanding situations will be handled with ease by the team leader ensuring the team will achieve goals faster and much more effectively.