client_trainerTroy Quaife – Founder and Principal Trainer

  • Looking for a Corporate Trainer that changes behaviours to get the best out of your people, your customers and your business?
  • Are you seeking some serious ROI on your training?
  • Do you want your people to ‘high five’ you for bringing in the best, and saving them from a ‘snoozefest’?

Troy delivers high energy, high impact, training sessions which ensure everyone is engaged, entertained, challenged, charmed and changing.

For over 20 years, Troy has advocated customer service excellence. Starting his career in retail sales, he worked his way up to senior management on the back of his acute awareness of the importance of providing exceptional customer experiences built on trust. His approach resulted in unprecedented sales success and the subsequent advancement of his career into senior management and training roles. He has since leveraged and imparted his knowledge and philosophy about the importance of customer service to positively impact and influence thousands of participants at all levels, in many industries.

Troy believes that ‘total customer happiness is the only thing that matters’. Good customer service is no longer good enough. Exceptional customer service experiences are essential to ensure the ongoing profitability and outcomes of your organisation in a rapidly changing and evolving world. Disruption is happening. Technology, automation and AI are impacting industries everywhere, but one thing can never be replaced, the ability to provide exceptional human experiences.

“I make it my priority to understand your business priorities and customer needs. I am passionate about understanding the ‘ins and outs’ of what your people do, how they do it, why they do it, what challenges they face and how I can help them to provide better customer experiences. I don’t deliver content, I discover people, I walk in their shoes and then I ‘flick switches and turn the lights on” for people so they take away learning that will stay with them forever.”

 “I read the room….I read the people…. I don’t read a script”.

Troy was awarded MBA Trainer of the Year in 2016, co-authored the book “Training Works – Better People, Better Bottom Line” and was featured on the TV show “Trainers on Trial”. His clients include University of Queensland, Suncorp, Flight Centre, Queensland Ambulance Service, Department of Immigration and Border Protection and many more, where he specialises in the way we communicate with each other at all levels of the business to ensure that we are providing the best customer centric service possible. This experience is enriched by qualifications in Training and Assessment, Business and Frontline and Retail Management. Additionally, he is FISH! accredited and LDP certified. Learn more about Troy’s career on LinkedIn.

“When I am not training, I am entertaining friends, attempting MasterChef worthy dishes, or enjoying my second career as an elite ‘armchair sports coach’. Despite any apparent culinary snobbery, every year I set out on pilgrimage to hunt down the best Dagwood Dog in Australia”.

As the Founder of Easy to Implement Training, Troy built the business from the ground up, on the back of his reputation for getting real results for his clients. He partners with you to identify business needs and develop customised training programs which focus on empowering your people to drive your organisation’s impact, increase customer happiness, success and profitability.

If you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always got. It’s time to revaluate…it’s time for change. Build an ‘army of raving fans’ and future proof your business by ensuring every customer ‘touch point’ is adding value, communicating with influence and resolving issues. When customers trust you and like you, they buy from you. Customer satisfaction IS the only thing that truly matters.

Strap yourself in. Troy will have you ‘EnterTrained’ and changed forever.

Contact us to discuss your needs and how we can help.

dawn-russellDawn Russell

Dawn Russell is a people strategist who specialises in leadership skills.She helps organisations develop profitable and productive people while creating an internal culture that competitors cannot easily copy.
Regarded as both an engaging speaker and innovative trainer and facilitator, Dawn has proven, hands-on sales management and leadership experience, having spent more than 10 years as an executive with one of the world’s most awarded airlines.

Training and speaking on improving the productivity and profitability of people, leadership in the workplace, interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, winning sales and service entrepreneurship, Dawn is an inspiring communicator whose major strength lies in her ability to communicate difficult concepts with great clarity and to a wide variety of audiences.

Her guiding principle is that while anyone these days can copy your hardware, almost no one can replicate your ‘Heartware’®- your people – and she serves as the catalyst for change in organisations that have a vision to excel through people and create exceptional business relationships.
Dawn is a member of the National Speakers’ Association of Australia. The Executive Connection, Golden Key Honour Society and is an Associate Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management and also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Adult Training & Development.

You wouldn’t think it looking at her, but her passion for training and leadership began some 19 years ago at the end of a rifle, when she served in the Australian Army Reserve. She can regularly be seen participating in charity cycling events and has also conquered a half-iron man triathlon, finishing 5th woman over the line, and is a living example that anything can be achieved by having the correct mental state.

This trainer certainly knows how to really connect with people and how to help them master change through innovative learning techniques. She understands the workforce challenges faced by organisations today and tailors all of her training sessions to meet both financial and productivity goals.
Dawn’s client list includes Audi Centre Perth, Singapore Airlines, WIPRO (Mumbai, India), The Duxton Hotel, City of Perth, Dianella Medical Centre, Cartridge World, 2XU, Life Resolutions, the Jim’s Group, Churchill Health Centre, Staff Link Recuitment and Open2view.

When it comes to developing staff culture, Dawn will bring everything to your team.

greg-rogers Greg Rogers

Greg Rogers is one of the Master Sales Trainers and also creator of both the 8-Stage Infinity Sales Pipeline and the 5Ps Framework – tools that help you to transform your entire sales function and your business.

Take 25+ years of sales and marketing experience in the corporate world with global brands such as Pepsi, Vodafone, Unilever and HP.

Add in ownership and operation of a number of successful, award-winning businesses.

Mix both of those with methodologies learned from studying the principles of Organisational Behaviour Management and Applied Behaviour Analysis.

Finally, combine all that together with a GREAT love of sport…..

And what you get is practical, pragmatic training and coaching that is extremely innovative – that works – and that STICKS!There might even be a side of some fun in there for good measure.

Working both internationally and throughout Australia, Greg has taken the concept of Accelerated Learning to a whole new level.

The training and coaching that Greg delivers isn’t just about tell, tell, tell, where you only come away with an idea of what you should be doing…..

Instead, Greg helps you understand actually HOW to do it!

Full of tips, tricks, models, hacks, methodologies, and best practice, it’s about rich, actionable content that you can unleash straight away.

Greg loves living in the coastal city of Perth, Western Australia, known as one of the most remote cities in the world, as it drives his love for travel and adventure.

He is passionate about raising awareness of both Autism and Mental Health.

When not working at transforming sales pipelines you will probably find Greg, being a true foodine (lover of food and wine),trying out the latest bar, restaurant or café in Perth.